How do I differentiate myself and develop a true online presence?

The Starting Point

When asserting an online presence, it’s crucial to take steps that separate yourself from every other organization, which is similar to yours. The most basic element of doing this very thing is to make sure you translate your personality and message thoroughly to all of your online platforms. Finding your voice means that you bring your passionate attitude and purpose that kick started your company to the digital forefront. Everyone has a different perspective and it’s important to be able to get that to resonate with an audience. There are several ways you can go about doing this and not get lost in the shuffle.

Dig Deep

The first step in identifying what your voice is comprised of is reevaluating the principals that you want to convey to people and what you want them to remember most about your organization. After you lay the foundation for your social accounts and an audience understands what your product or service is, you have to add the personality part in order to connect. What characteristics do you want people to use when they see your logo or a new ad? Do you want to be described as humorous? conscientious? minimalistic?

Once you finalize the type of personality for your digital self, the main task you have is to maintain that through all content creation and managing of social accounts. Developing that consistency is what helps maintain your voice, but also your audience. People do not have the longest attention spans, so if you do not create content that’s engaging and relatable, you are going to lose that interaction. Audiences like to feel like they are connected to something as if that digital barrier isn’t there. Establishing your voice is so important because it’s not just making people feel like they are tied to something, but making a community amongst yourself and that specific audience.

How do you know your voice is translating?

Creative Snacks:

1. From Online To Off

One of the ways you can tell if your voice is connecting with an audience is when people come into contact with your agency, they make the effort to bring up something they found interesting or cool, you’ve posted. When you post a relatable picture or a funny tweet toward your following, it makes them take a moment from the constant scrolling, to recognize your content. It may seem silly to take the time to craft said content, but it makes a difference because it conveys that you are not a corporate robot behind a screen.

2. Increased Focus, Increased Following

Taking the time to hone in on making account content that translates how you want people to perceive your agency, results in success. It’s about leaving them with something more, but not misleading people. Being transparent and informative is a contributing part of a good social account, but you are what makes those accounts worth following and showing others the impact your business provides. One way to do this is by creating a video that explains more about who you are. This helps people get a better understanding of who you actually are, instead of just reading some text.

3. Continue On and Carry On

After you have fully established your presence, don’t forget to continue to provide life to the accounts and maintain your individuality. It’s important to give your accounts color and maneuver around jading posts, which people come across every day. Every time you make some kind of post, reread it to a make sure it reflects your voice and principles. So be funny, introspective, sentimental, quirky, or whatever you want your agency to convey- just be a black sheep in a field one beige one.



Meredith Is The Content Strategy Specialist For Weigel Creative Group

I always looked for ways to express things people in manners that were anything, but generic and jading. Developing a connection with readers is a lot easier, then people think- it’s just about being honest with adding a creative angle. Content creation and strategy are some of her favorite areas within communications and are what she works to translate information to in whatever form. “It’s all about telling a good narrative, no matter the medium or platform. There is always a way to create engaging, dynamic content to connect with people over”

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