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It’s that time of year when people make new goals and promises to better their lives in some capacity. There are those people who make the classic “I’m going to the gym regularly and will actually work out this time around”, but really just go for the free smoothies or as an excuse to wear stylish workout clothes and then quit going to the gym after three weeks. There are those people who say this is the year that they’ll stop smoking or eating too much chocolate, but both are easier said than done. And finally you have goals that are necessary, like the ones that will make your business more successful. What goals or milestones have you set for the new year? Is it to be more active on social media and create great content? Is it to improve your SEO? Or is it to just strengthen your relationship offline with customers?

There any number of things you can aim to do better in the new year, but the most important part is that you commit to actually doing them. A lot of people who make resolutions don’t understand that organization is an important part of accomplishing those goals. You have to figure out a way to realistically intertwine those behaviors daily that will help to reach those finish lines. For example, if you are aiming to do better with content for your digital platforms, making a content creation plan will provide you the structure to sit down and make that quality video or blog post. When you have a schedule, you are less likely to be overwhelmed and stressed out.

One Step At A Time

We have compiled a list of how you can increase your organization and be as productive as you want to be.

  1. Brainstorm all the goals you want to set yourself for the new year into long term and short term columns. This will allow you to prioritize the things that should be done sooner rather than later and get you thinking about related tasks. After you finish the two columns, break down the expectations and make notes about the steps that each individual goal entails.
  2.   Focus on one thing at a time and don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do the whole short term list  within an unrealistic amount of time like a week. Pace yourself and know that worthwhile goals can take some time to achieve.
  3.    Make timelines for your milestones and you’d be surprised at how much easier things can be. When you map out everything you have to do, it gives you a better scope of all the smaller things that must be accomplished within the proper time frame and you aren’t rushing around.
  4. Reflect, Keep Track and Check off things as you go, which you may think is a no brainer, but really is something that people either forget to do or overlook. This is an important thing to do because it helps you make sure that everything that needed to be completed was and to top Quality. So don’t forgo your timeline and remember the whole purpose of those specific milestones when you decided to commit to them in the first place.

What are some new digital trends I should try out or look for in the new year?

Creative Snacks:

1. Live Streaming

There a lot things that come and go when it comes the internet, but one relatively new thing that is going to only increase in popularity is live streaming, whether that be on Instagram or Facebook. People always like that feeling of being included and getting to peer into worlds that will never really be theirs. Live streams allow for an audience, friend or family member to see what’s going on in your world and get feel as if they are actually there with them. It’s another engagement tool and gives people a way to connect that is elevated compared to texting or watching an already recorded video. If you find something that’s interesting, try live streaming it and see what happens.

2. Brand Fatigue

Nevery business in today’s world uses social media to further extend their reach to consumers this isn’t new, but after awhile people do not want to get bombarded with constant advertising about your new product or improved service- they just want to watch the new video a cat jumping on a trampoline or the ten best pranks of 2017 video. That constant saturation of ads can be overwhelming and turn people away from brands. So, it’s important to make creative efforts and find ways to develop more meaningful connections in the offline world. Maybe try making an effort to have real conversations with customers beyond asking them how their day was.

3. Messaging Capabilities

If there’s one thing people seem to must have on any digital platform is a way to conversate, whether that’s through a comment board, a chat group or a simple messaging forum. Most apps these days have some sort of messaging feature. There always needs to be that feeling of connectedness amongst your audience in any type of community, but especially in the digital space. When you are creating your app, don’t forget that significant component and remember the importance of interaction.



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