Redbox Understands You

Let’s Take A Trip Down Memory Lane…

Now only people who were born prior to the year of 2000 will have an actual memory of what once was the glorious king of the DVD chain: Blockbuster. The store began inching its way into our weekends since it’s inception in 1985 and is a signature, symbolic of the nineties to early 2000’s. There was nothing like heading over to your local Blockbuster and picking up a good ol’ VHS or DVD, unless of course all the copies had been rented already.

Then in the late nineties and early 2000’s, how we obtained movies and television changed with the invention of Redbox and Netflix. Although Netflix offered similar services to Redbox, Netflix didn’t really start becoming the establishment it is until about 2008 or 2009. The idea that you could just go to this vending machine and pick out a film from such a wide variety of entertainment was a fresh idea. People liked that it was interactive, engaging and it was a new type of experience that hadn’t really excited in another capacity before.

Never Overestimate A Simple Idea

What the Redbox model represents is another example of how you can turn an existing idea on its head and introduce it in an entirely new capacity. People enjoy things that are quick and don’t cost a lot of money, but also of substance and quality. RedBox drew upon the common knowledge that people are more likely to spend money on something that’s about a dollar, the price of renting a Redbox DVD, compared to paying a lot more to rent the same movie from a store such as Blockbuster.  

The quality of the films within Redbox are ones that have generally done well and that people will want to see. Another feature that relies on the realm of convenience is that you can return the DVD to any Redbox kiosk and avoid things such as lines if there is a long one at your specific Redbox. As time has gone on, Redbox has added Blu-Ray DVDs and games that you can also rent. Redbox is still a competitor in a world where now it’s all about streaming services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix. The kiosks may have a DVD that isn’t available for services like those and a lot cheaper than ordering it on-demand.

Asking yourself  “how can I make x thing or service easier? “ can turn into something more than you imagine. People often make things overly complicated because they think it will impress others or be more successful than if it was simplified. Less is always more and this is a concept that has proven true with businesses with Redbox being a prime example.

How do I be competitive, when it seems like everything has been done already?

Creative Snacks:

1. There’s Always Improvements To Be Made

If you want to be competitive with other people in your industry, take a hard look at what already exists and how you could make it better. No one comes up with the ultimate solution to an answer or problem overnight, it takes time to perfect. You the development phase to your advantage and take a moment to see in what ways you could create something that made that old product irrelevant. One example would be the Swiffer. Someone saw how regular mops were a hassle, not efficient and a mess and then created a streamlined product that knocks out the regular mop.

2. Collaborate

Two minds are always greater than one and having a partner in crime can be a great way to develop significant ideas. When you have somebody to bounce things off of, they can see possible issues or make notes on your ideas, that you may not be able to see in that moment in time. Being receptive to constructive criticism is something that can be a very valuable characteristic and matters, especially coming from someone who shares the same creative passion.

3. Don’t Stop Trying

One thing that is so important is that you don’t quit when things become hard. That’s the only way you fail is by surrendering to your doubts or mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but you should use those as a learning opportunity to do and become better. Businesses fail all the time, but those people never give up trying to achieve their goal and that’s what matters. Competitive people have that tenacity and mission to rise again after falling down. Like the saying goes, just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.



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