Gotta Get With The Times

If you are a business owner, there is really no reason as to why you can’t have a functional, efficient, user-friendly website in this day and age. There are so many tools that you can use to create a website that will help create an engaging, digital community amongst your audience and solidify brand awareness. Platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and more have allowed the everyday person to build and customize their own online spaces. You don’t need to be a computer genius to create a website that people will appreciate and connect with, but you do need to be able to understand your customer’s mindset and be consistent in your brand.

There are numerous things that a quality website contributes to success that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It helps increase your overall awareness, increases sales, bring new leads, can result in new business developments and more. People browse so many sites per day and if they come across a site that isn’t easily operable, they’ll just go to a competitor site or just close out your site immediately.

Think About Every Aspect

There are a number of things you can do to help your website be the best it can, one of which includes utilizing search engine optimization. This allows people to locate you through a search online, but by using specific keyword terms, you maximize your chances of individuals finding your business.  Another smart move when managing your website is to ask and listen to customer feedback. The opinion of your website’s users is the one that matters most and the ones that are of actual value. You need to make sure that your website is customized to your audience, not just your preference. In an offline mode, your customers are the ones will spread awareness about you through word of mouth and sharing your site with others, so make sure there are no glaring complaints or functional issues.

Make sure you are on top of your game concerning content. At the end of the day, content is what attracts users to your platforms and keeps them around. Put in the time to build and compile substantial content that’s not just fluff and helps to build an online community. Adding a blog to your website allows consumer engagement to grow and provides them with a deeper understanding of your brand. When you write dynamic blog posts that are intertwined with your business, people are able to be educated and get involved in your passion.

In order to manage your content on your website and other platforms, one suggestion is to implement a content management system such as WordPress. This allows you to post, edit and design various types of content right on your site and is another level of customization that a modern website usually possesses.

What things would enhance my website?

Creative Snacks:

1. Absorb Customer Input

No one really enjoys negative feedback or criticism, but in this space- it’s important to absorb those notes and work on improving your website. If you ignore platform suggestions, users are going to feel as though you do not care about their perspectives and just want another sale. As a business owner, you should be open-minded to possibilities concerning the improvement of your company because it can lead to a higher level of success. Making those small edits can make all the difference and illustrate to consumers you are actively listening to what they are saying to you.

2. Double Check Your Content

Nothing is more lazy than not checking your content for errors like grammar and sentence structure. Make sure that you take the time to comb through your various platforms for content errors and have consistent quality. It can be embarrassing after publishing and promoting new content to then just find multiple mistakes. Yeah it might be a tedious task, but will contribute to your website reputation being professional and error-free.

3. Always Instill Personality

As we have stated in the past, infusing your personality into your digital presence is so important because it allows consumers to gain a real insight into who you are beyond your business. Don’t be another corporate robot, make an actual difference within your market and community. There are various ways to approach business, but a hands-on, comprehensive approach is a optimum way to go. Instill your core principles into everything you do and make an effort to build up your brand loyalty by actively creating genuine connections with others.



Meredith Is The Content Strategy Specialist For Weigel Creative Group

I always looked for ways to express things people in manners that were anything, but generic and jading. Developing a connection with readers is a lot easier, then people think- it’s just about being honest with adding a creative angle. Content creation and strategy are some of her favorite areas within communications and are what she works to translate information to in whatever form. “It’s all about telling a good narrative, no matter the medium or platform. There is always a way to create engaging, dynamic content to connect with people over”

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