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There are many characteristics that make up a good leader, but everyone has a different style. The contributing elements of a great point person that come to mind include being open-minded, an active listener, focused, respectful, reliable, delegating to others, being accountable, and being creative. There are some of these qualities that are intermixed with the different styles of leadership that we are are going to dive into and each one maybe is best for varying companies.   

Forbes curated a list of the best seven types of styles that best leaders display:

The Guru: The type of leader who has a great level of expertise and is the human encyclopedia for the company. This type should be used here and there because no one enjoys being around a know-it-all and your team won’t be that inspired to work with you. It’s useful as a resource, but can be an off-putting thing.  

The Orchestrator: This type of leader is in charge the daily operations of a professional environment. They assist with making sure that all employees are seen and their talents are utilized. They help with building relationships amongst staffers and grow the team

The Questioner: A leader such as this is more about going against the Guru type and always has the main goal of producing creativity and challenging the normal ways of thinking. It’s about using critical thinking and how to make things better.

The Standard Setter: These leaders try to motivate others to think about what is the best means. They make goals for themselves and others and then they achieve them using a mix of structure and hard work.

The Developer: this type of person like to guide employees. The benefit of this method is that you’re not just helping individual employees, you’re increasing the quality  of the entire company

The Idealist: This leader doesn’t let something that could be hard get in the way of accomplishing something great. It’s important to have an imagination and persevere with one’s vision. It’s a great ability to be able to persuade and get people to believe in your vision.

Finally, –The Rock: This type of person is solid in their ways, consistent, patient and dependable, you know what you can expect. This probably isn’t always the best leadership style because they may not be open to new ideas.

What are the best ways to improve as a leader?

Creative Snacks:

1. Listen To Others:

To think that you know everything and to shut out others opinions, whether that’s just because you don’t want to hear it or you think your idea is better, it just displays ignorance. Be an active listener and don’t just listen to reply- but understand. When team members feel like they are being heard, the lines of communication are more open and cohesiveness improves. Try to understand why they are sharing those ideas and how they can be applied.

2. Lessen the Leash

Make an effort to let others take the lead. After you establish your role and vision for the company or project, delegate in order to give others leadership opportunities. There are so many great aspects to taking a step back and allowing others to not just be followers. It builds confidence and builds self-esteem within your teammates.

3. Set The Example:

Part of being a good leader and having a productive team is to set the example, along with setting the tone. If you go in with a positive, concise vision and open-mind, people who you work with will be excited and have enthusiasm. It shows them how they should shape their perspective before entering into a leadership role.



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