A Restaurant To Remember

A Shining Staple

The last business we are going to shine a spotlight on is the restaurant Local Republic, a great gem in the Atlanta region and one that has a dazzling reputation for outstanding service and food alike. The restaurant offers something different for customers and possesses a unique, charismatic type of environment.

Local Republic is all about serving up fresh, locally sourced meals and select craft beers that contribute to that unique environment. The Restaurant’s mission is to provide a space that offers ingredients that speak for themselves and an authentic menu. It has a coolness and southern type of charm that adds to the whole experience of eating at a great restaurant. The menu is full of a variety of wonderful, filling options and interesting ales from all over. Local Republic isn’t your average Farm to Table type of restaurant, but one that has added a hip twist to the concept of what you’d expect.

Some Beer and Background

One of the aspects that have made Local Republic stand out beside it’s delicious, the honest menu is its beer selection. When founders Ben Bailey and Chris Collin began the restaurant six years ago, they aimed to create a place that had great pub-like food with quality craft beer for customers.

Bailey and Collin recognized that people were looking for a different food experience instead what was available and with a little imagination, thought to start Local Republic. The original building was originally a gas converted gas station and now they have moved it to a two-story building that a lot bigger than the first Local Republics. The new building has a variety of seating options, two bars, a balcony and a fully equipped kitchen.

The Local Republic beer menu features types from a variety of origins, first off, starting from Georgia with drafts like Eventide American Pale Ale, Second Self Thai Wheat, and Treehorn Dry Cider. Then you venture up the east coast with Brooklyn Lager, Founders Robust Porter, and Bell’s Amber Ale. Following that, we take a road trip to the west coast, where we encounter drafts such as Full Sail Session Premium Lager and New Belgium Day Blazer American Blonde Ale. Finally, we travel to Europe with options like Chimay Cinq Cents Tripel and the Reissdorf Kölsch.

Are Your Taste Buds Ready?

Local Republic is known for their quality burgers such as the Mr. Jones, which features pimento cheese, jalapeno, and bacon or The Southpaw, which is a spiced cajun blackened burger with SG Asher blue cheese. Their burgers put your taste buds to the test and create some original patties that will have your mouth watering for days. They offer other types of burgers or sandwiches with meat such as lamb, pork, tuna and for the vegetarians- they got ya covered with a great black bean burger.

There is something for everyone at Local Republic and they have managed to create an interesting menu that continues to bring people back time and again.

What Makes Customers Wanting More?

Creative Snacks:

1. Think About Your Space

It’s important to think about what type of environment you’d want to have some sort of service experience, in this case it’s a restaurant. It’s important to look around and see what be missing in whatever industry you are in. Be imaginative and creative a space that reflects how you want your customers to feel when they come to your establishment. Local Republic created a space that is about authentic dining experience with a modern, welcoming feel.

2. Do The Twist

One thing that can be frustrating when you live in the same place for a long time, you get used to the same old food options amongst the generic fast food chains. Take products or approaches to creating things and put a twist on it, use other ingredients or look at making something like a soup or burger from a different point of view. Local Republic takes that approach when their burgers and have one called “The Patrick Swayze”, which has ghost peppers and is a reference to the film “Ghost”. Creating themes that are comprehensive enhance a dining experience.

3. Tried & True

Just like the Cyndi Lauper track, “Time After Time”, there is always the solid concepts that people can rely on. Making products or food that are created with passion and authenticity will build a loyal customer following and ultimately bring people continuously coming through your door. Being original can be hard at times, but experimenting with new aesthetics, flavors, and designs can be beneficial in the long run.



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