Here is where it all starts. The Client Session is a time where our team and the client can learn more about each other. Our team has three ways of holding a Client Session, over the phone, on videos chat or our favorite face to face. Here we have the ability to truly learn about our client and their needs. We find out what they are passionate about and why they started their business.


We take everything that we discussed in your Client Session and we put all of your needs as well as specific questions such as color, Style, functionality etc. And we create a proposal that shows you what you are getting and how much it will cost.

We go even further and calculate exact time of each piece of the project and when the completed project will be done and what team member is on the project as well so you know who you will be in contact as the project goes on. This Client Proposal can me modified and changed to the clients liking.


Starting the project is one of many of our teams favorite parts of the project process. Here we get to start on the creative side of the project. We get to discover what the client wants and start creating designs to truly show what the brand for that client is all about. It can be a website, logo, marketing material, social media page or even a event poster or booklet. The options are endless and it all is possible when we start on your project.


After final approval for projects that will be printed we will send the project to the printer and have them do a test print so you can see the final result before printing all of them. Examples of this could be like a business card or booklet.

If it is a website we will test all of the forms and functionality, such as links, images, content and social media. After final testing we will launch your site for all the world to see.


We offer three Maintenance packages, Basic, Standard and Premium. They offer different options and it is up to the client on which one works best for them.

For client who want to learn how to use their wordpress website. We offer a wordpress tutorial video of the backend of their website. Our team feels that the more the client is involved with a project the more the final project looks and feels more like them. Client interaction with the team they are working with is one of the most important thing for the team here at Weigel Creative Group. The client must come first.


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