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A partnership’s impact can extend beyond its original intent of completing a single project. It can contribute to smaller things like gaining a couple more customers to go to a local business to larger things such as redirecting the conversation about what the term beauty means. Whether you partner up with another business for a large campaign for a new product like a flavored chapstick or developing a pitch for an ad- it can have a larger impact than you might realize. Having a project positively impact your community is a great plus when planning the execution of your project. So let’s dive into the different ways you can make a positive impact while being successful at the actual task.

Think Outside The Box

When promoting your product or project, it’s important to think about how it will resonate with an audience. Making a statement or taking a stand against a dominant ideology is one way to express not just your organization’s identity, but to be memorable amongst your market. One example of this is a commercial Apple released, which promotes environmental protection and awareness. This commercial shows that Apple believes in climate change and are for efforts that help protect our planet from things such as pollution, but they do this in an elegant manner and not aggressively. While the commercial is still promoting one of their products, it’s also trying to contribute to the conversation. There are numerous other organizations that are making statements about the environment and other topics. Displaying an element of humanity is important to really connect with an audience.


Examine Your Society

Projects can extend beyond promoting a product. In today’s world of marketing and advertising, it’s about reaching an audience and developing true connections, not just trying to sell a product. It’s a valuable skill to understand how influential you can be. One example of a project that has made an impact culturally, is the Dove Real Beauty campaign. Their whole mission to dismiss the idea that there’s one meaning of beauty and to promote self-acceptance, along with confidence.


How we see ourselves and others can shape how we operate in other aspects of our lives. Dove decided to take a look at the big picture and connect a positive concept with their products, which in turn develops a sense of community and better our society.

Include The Little Guys

When creating partnerships and projects, include local businesses for support for things like hosting events. This is a great idea because it not only develops relationships between your organization and theirs, which can hold future opportunities but raises awareness about both companies to a larger audience. There are always ways to help local businesses that you might not think of. One example would be if established company A and company B were to host a music festival in a city, you have local businesses host performances, which would draw people to the actual locations of those businesses and garner more awareness for them, but also connect them with a positive experience with that business. How you choose to go about a project or partnership can make a difference for those in your community. It’s just important to take a step back and think “Could I make a difference through this project in some capacity for the better?”

What are smaller contributing acts could I do through my partnerships?

Creative Snacks:

1. Go Local

Linking it back to involving small businesses, do some research regarding what resources you have within your own city instead of using massive businesses. This will, in turn, help the local economy and build good relationships with various professional organizations. By reaching out, you may not view this as a big step, but it demonstrates to that local business that they just aren’t a little fish in a big pond.

2. Donate To A Real Cause

Another way of making an impact is if your project or event results in profit, maybe donate a portion of that money to charity. Helping a non-profit isn’t just a great thing to do in itself, but it provides credit to your reputation and creates another professional relationship.

3. Utilize All Your Tools:

When working on your joint mission, don’t forget to utilize all your available tools. By this, we mean do things like analyzing popular trends, have a good social campaign and maybe bring in fresh perspectives in order to have your project have a true impact, whether that’s just for your business success or to grasp a wider audience in the community.



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