The Client

Cherokee Funding is a company that helps people with financial and legal services. Everyone I talk to that has worked with then say they are the best company to work with by far. They make it easy to understand and truly care about their clients.

What We Did

Our team has the privilege of designing digital ads, infographics, e-books and their amazing website that is modern and easy to navigate.

By allowing Weigel Creative Group to help you find your great and amazing brand we can take your business and make it extraordinary. We do this through great design and development with a purpose for your users and consumers. We find your targeted market and consumers and meet them on there level and show them who you are at a consistant calculated rate. We do this through SEO, email, digital, social media marketing and paid search. Your Brand become our brand and we focus on showing it to the world and allowing you to grow in the process.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive design is a very important part of the success of a company. Here at Weigel Creative Group mobile responsive is not a questions it is a necessity and we take it very seriously for each of our clients. For every website we design and develope there is a great amount of care that goes into a creative way to present our clients website through the eye of a mobile user.

Client Information

Client             Cherokee Funding

Services         Web Design, Marketing, Design

Year                2016