The Client

12stone Church is a great church in Lawrenceville GA and has the great ability to take the bible and make is sound simple and inviting to anyone that walks through their doors. I love this church so much and our team loved every minute of this project.

What We Did

The Legacy - Resident Gathering project consisted of a booklet design and a lanyard design for an amazing event that they had in 2016. It was a great project to be a part of and being able to help life change is one of then things our team loves.

By your nonprofit working alongside Weigel Creative Group on projects, we can truly make a difference in helping you reach your goals whether they are big are small. Our work will allow for thousand of new people to learn about your nonprofit to them get involved and help you grow and most of all help you cause to help people all around the world. We help to maximize every decision to focusing on your growth as an nonprofit to help others. We are here to help you succeed and take you farther and farther. Your cause becomes our cause.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive design is a very important part of the success of a company. Here at Weigel Creative Group mobile responsive is not a questions it is a necessity and we take it very seriously for each of our clients. For every website we design and develope there is a great amount of care that goes into a creative way to present our clients website through the eye of a mobile user.

Client Information

Client             12Stone Church

Services         Design, Brand, Marketing

Year                2015 – Present