Why you cannot forget social media while growing your company.

During the middle of a long day of work, the last thing most people are thinking about is posting a picture of what they doing. We get it, social media doesn’t come naturally. However, making social media a priority is very important, even though the process takes a little work.

Here are a few reasons why you need to invest in social media,

Your consumers are a click away!

Studies show that the average adult spends around 3 hours a day on their phone. Trust me, these people aren’t just staring at their phones waiting for their screens to light up. As exciting as emojis are, all of this time isn’t spent texting. Out of the 3 hours a day we spend on our phones, 2 of these hours are spent on social media. This is why it is crucial for you make sure you are the next post to pop up as consumers scroll through their newsfeed.

Think about it, with 16 waking hours in the day, 13% of this time is dedicated to social media. In that time you have the chance to make an impression on your potential customers. Out of everything a person does in their day, this is a great percentage of time dedicated to marketing outlets that your company can and should be a part of.

Direct Sales

Techcrunch shows that out of the 80% of Americans that make online purchases, 15% of them purchase after clicking a link on social media. This is 15% of your sales. This percentage makes the extra time it takes for share your post completely worth it.

Your Competitors Are

According to Social Media Today, “66% of small businesses are spending more time on Social media than a year ago.” These small business could be your competitors. Do not underestimate the power of social media. It is crucial that your company is making yourself available to your consumers so that they are aware of the options (and of course that you are the best choice).

Yes, Social Media for your company is hard and time consuming. It takes research, effort and resources. BUT if you want to stay relevant with your consumers, pierce an important target market, and increase sales… it is well worth the investment.

What types of content will make you a competitor?

Creative Snacks:

1. Think Outside The Box

It’s important to create material that is engaging and catches people’s eye, just posting a run of the mill picture, may get you a “like”, but at the end of the day, doesn’t add up to much. Make sure you sit down with your team to have social content creation meetings and brainstorm how the content will impact the consumer. One example of creating good content, is to attach a link to a post, where that’s just to an event or to your website, it provides people with something to do.

2. Wording Matters

The way you arrange a caption on a posting, demonstrates your brand personality. If you just write a vague description of something, no one is really going to remember that. It’s important to remember to make sure you translate your voice online also, not what services you are providing. Descriptions should sound professional, yet have some humor or an eye-catching quality about them, in order to be memorable. So write out various drafts of social media posts prior to publishing, pretend you’re scrolling past each one, which one makes you stop to take a moment?

3. Build That Bridge

Not only is it crucial to have good social presence in today’s world, but that includes building a relationship with the people that follow the company accounts. It’s important to make the extra effort to find out what is popular with your audience in order to build that more sustainable connection. You can do this by usually just seeing what’s trending on social media, then relate to some extension of your business. Replying to their interests, helps you grow an audience and progressively develop brand loyalty, so don’t forget about the details concerning social media. They are what set you apart.



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