Focus and Prioritize

What’s Most Important?

When you are setting goals and milestones for your business, it’s highly possible to lose yourself in the process and become spread too thin. A certain level of anxiety can develop when you are overwhelmed with trying to manage x, y and z aspect of the company while aiming to take on various, new projects to further your professional aspirations. A great way to accomplish your schedule is to use strategic focus, which a mindset that allows your attention to be honed in and you have a limited amount of directions that will distract you.

One Step At A Time:

Let’s say that your main goal for the next six months is to improve your social media engagement amongst your audience. The first step is to make a list of all the things that you are currently doing for the accounts and analyze how those things may not be effective as you think. After that, write another list of how you plan to confront content creation, post scheduling, improving analytics, SEO and developing a stronger brand in the digital space. Although these may come across as intimidating, it’s all about creating smaller subgoals within those primary goals. If you coincide those secondary goals with specific timelines to get progress by, this will manage your focus and won’t let your mind be disheveled.

With the strategic focus, it’s all in the name- strategy. You have to develop a strategy to apply to all your goals in order to have a necessary balance in your professional life. You know what works best for you, but no one is incapable of procrastination, distraction or having a lack of motivation. You need to provide a clear understanding to those under you about what strategic approach you are taking to achieve the business’s new goals so that everyone is properly communicating and on the same page.

What are some suggestions to focus and avoid Distractions?

Creative Snacks:

1. Close Unnecessary Windows And Apps

You need to shut down, close or exit out of things on your computer or phone that aren’t relevant to the business day. This may be an obvious statement, but even seeing an a rubber band ball on the end of your desk can cause procrastination. Going on your personal social media accounts shouldn’t take place at work at all, but we all know it happens, especially during our lunch break. When you are trying map out a comprehensive plan for goal achievement, block out those unrelated things.

2. Keep Organized

Make a schedule of some kind, whether that’s in word document, in a physical planner, on Google Calendar or otherwise. You can keep not just yourself, but your employees on track with important deadlines and expectations about each step.

3. Use A Communication App For Individual Projects

Using a communication app will help ensure the whole team is on the same page and keeping on schedule. Apps like Slack really do make things easier and create a better connection amongst the team members. It’s also more engaging and interactive compared to sending the old email, along with the ability to have specific project folders to separate everything. So in this case, you should use technology to your full advantage.



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