A New Type of Exchange

This week we are featuring the app called Venmo, a money exchanging mobile application that allows for efficiency and convenience. Venmo is the hip, young friend that knows how to hang and understands the younger generation’s’ search for things that gets their mindset. No one enjoys the sudden awkward silence that arises when the bill arrives that your table and the task of navigating how to divide up the bill. Sure, in reality, it doesn’t take that long to contribute your part of the check and split the tip, but using the payment exchange app makes the whole process a lot faster.

Venmo is probably one of the easiest apps to operate and its simplicity is exactly why people love the app. After downloading the free app to your phone, you just simply set up an account, sync your contacts and connect it to your bank account. When you make or request a payment to someone, you type in their name and then the amount itself, but a youthful aspect of the app is that you can describe what you’re paying for using emojis. This simple feature makes it more appealing than other banking apps.

A Less Awkward Solution

The use of Venmo makes paying for anything such an easy, painless transaction. You and your friend can make a verbal agreement for one to pay back the other by just saying “I’ll Venmo you”. If they forget you can send a pick reminder on the app and it keeps track of all your exchanges so that you can keep track of your expenses.

The way Venmo has inserted themselves into the marketplace and connected with people illustrates how solving a simple problem can be successful. Apps that are minimalistic, have an engaging, but simple interface and solve an annoying issue, seem to be the ones that do the best.

Venmo has is similar to Uber, Lyft or Grubhub, in the capacity of being about convenience. There are other uses for the app besides paying the money back to a friend or transferring money to your savings or checking account overnight, now you can even use it in a retail capacity. The usage of Venmo is adding another type of social communication amongst friends and connecting people in a new way.

How can I make my product or service more efficient for a customer base?

Creative Snacks:

1. Examine Your Market

One of the first things you should do is examine your market and see where there is a gap or simple problem that exists for your customer. Examine your own service or product and see how you can adapt it to what your target audience needs most and how to make it more engaging. One example is if you created an app for delivering groceries to people’s house, make sure in the charge for a percentage for gas and include a description feature, so people could tell you specifically how to notify them when you arrive.

2. Convenience is Key

Everything now is about what is quick and easy. People don’t like to be patient or have delayed satisfaction, these days it’s important that things are quality, but also immediate. Customers want to feel like they are heard, valued and really part of something. Just like how Venmo allows for quick money exchange instead of waiting days, think of how you can make your target consumer’s life easier.

3. Simple Can Be The Best Thing

Often more times than not, things that are minimalistic and not overcomplicated are the most attractive. They need to be engaging, a substantial product and display a focused type of functioning. To create something successful, it doesn’t need to be a ridiculous, complex thing, it just has to be interactive and useful in some capacity. One example of is the app Google Assistant or Evernote, each a simple concept to help you stay organized in all aspects of life all in one place. Go back to the core idea and then develop a product or service that improves a part of everyday, regular life.



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