You can’t ask for a finer creative group then the one we have here at Weigel Creative Group. We pride ourselves on fast and professional work that push to get 100 percent client satisfaction. Our goal is to get better and better everyday to provide the best services possible. To always stay on top of what’s trending and popular in the world of Design/Development, Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing. We look forward to each new company and relationship we get to encounter with every new client we have.

Our Team focus on great creative ideas to help a business, Non-Profit and Agencies grow. You will gain professional growth and industry skills, you will be in a creative free environment, you will meet great people and help impact real lives. For us work equals fun. Come be apart of our creative movement.

Here at Weigel Creative Gro, p we love food and snacks. A snack is a food that you take small portions of during the day that provides energy for that day. You have 2 kinds of snacks a healthy snack like an apple or an unhealthy snack like a bag of chips or a Twinkie. Both will provide energy for you but at some point, if you keep eating back snacks they will start to have negative effects. They will make you gain weight, make you feel tired all the time and it will get worse from there. Here at WC Group we focus on providing healthy snacks to our clients to help them grow every week, every month and every year.

We have found that most business and nonprofits are consummin unhealthy snacks consistantly and it is hurtiung there growth is small and big ways. We provide a simple approve to groth for each of our clients. We consistanly do the right things to help you grow. We up helaoth snakcs into each client so they can het the right energy for there specific kind of grwoth.  Our team helps you create and figure out your 3 core pain points, your 3 main goals that you want to reach each week, month and year. We created a strategy to target your audience with design, development, and marketing.

Our creative visions is to allow companies and business to grow to their full potential.  To become a partner in the the success of each company by creating a great brand strategy and digital marketing campaign that will take them to the next level in their industry.

Here at Weigel Creative Group we focus on great creative ideas and how they can help a company grow in ways they never thought they could. We need your great creative Ideas to help them today. Any creative Idea received that is used will get a gift card. Or even possibly an opportunity to get an internship, part time or full time positions.

We loving being creative in all we do and are. We focus on having the best team to do the job right. Here at Weigel Creative Group our focus for growth is both internal and external. External to help each client grow and internal to give young creative individuals the opportunity to show the world that there love and skills for being creative. That’s why we have the The Starting Platform and Project With Us programs.

We offer internships and paid positions to young people to show themselves and us what they got. To give them a shot at becoming all they can be, to raise up great creative people and leaders.

Kevin Weigel

CEO / Creative Director

My favorite snacks are chocolate
oreo ice cream and Wavy Lays Chips.

Hugo Lima

SEO Expert

My favorite snacks are Pizza
and Chips.

Adri Hernandez

Social Media Expert

My favorite snacks are chips & queso, cookies and fruit.

Craig Pilkinton

Google Ads Expert

My favorite snacks are anything
that is sweet or salty.

Bailey Collins

Graphic Designer

My favorite snacks are strawberries,
raspberries, and carrots.

Meredith Vance

Creative Writer

My favorite snacks are chocolate,
Wavy Chips and watermelon.

Brenna Lampson

Strategy / Marketing Expert

My favorite snacks are
Raspberries, cereal and cheese.

Charity Estes

Creative Writer

My favorite snacks are sun chips,
wheat thins and any sweets.

Robbie Hay

Website Developer

My favorite snacks are anything
that is sweet or salty.

Why Choose Us

We focus on your growth

Our designers and developers exceed expectations and rise above the industry standard.

Cost Within Reach

We offer our services at a competitive cost that can’t be beat.

Flexible client communication

Consistently in communication with our clients, always keeping you updated and informed on your project.

Fast Turn Around Time

At Weigel Creative Group we do not waste time. Constantly delivering to our Clients satisfying results in 2-4 weeks.

Client first focused every time

Our team fights to keep the work we do fun. Not just for us but so you the client can enjoy a smooth and  stress-free experience.

Measurable Results

We make it our goal to see you grow daily, in tangible ways, both now and for years to come.

What They Say About Us

Your Success is Our Top Priority

When you partner with us, you gain a strategic ally in your industry. We make it our top priority to not only solve whatever problem you bring to the table, but also to set you up for success for decades to come...


Your Cause Becomes Our Cause

We recognize that the work you’re doing isn’t easy, and we partner with you to lighten the load. Your non-profit isn’t just an organization, it’s a cause driven by passion and the desire to make a difference...


We Are Your Biggest And Best Fans

When you partner with us, you gain a workforce of creative, strategic partners who are here to help you succeed. Intentional design and development focused messaging, and a compelling brand identity...