It’s the traditional season of thankfulness.

Here at Weigel Creative Group, we are thankful for the great clients we have done work for and will continue to do work for in the year 2018 and beyond. Your trust in us is not taken for granted – we are grateful for you choosing WCG for your design, development and social media marketing. As the founder and owner, I would like to take a moment to share with you what’s new at WCG.

Every day I want to add value to people and what people are called to do through my company Weigel Creative Group. That’s how we define success: adding value to people and companies through design, development and social media marketing. When we find an idea is not adding value – we are quick to pivot toward something more effective.

This has lead us to analysis how we can better serve our clients with social media, content and email marketing in the coming year.

Recently, I have been reflecting on the biggest personal blessing of this year: my newborn son, Myers Anthony Weigel. Myers was born in April of this year. He has added great joy to our small family. After his birth, I noticed a change in our family dynamic. My wife, who has been a very successful teacher and reading specialist for the past 6 years, decided to take a year of leave to raise our son at home. This was a huge decision for her (and us), but she believes this gives us the best chance to be the biggest voice in the life of our son – because we are working internally.

This concept had me thinking … many of the clients (you!) that we work with view their social media and email marketing presence as their “baby”: Some companies do not want to give up being the biggest voice in the life of their business!

Maybe for your company, social media and email content is your loudest voice – why give it up completely to a third party? With this thought, I went searching for a way to support you to keep your voice, and so Digital Reset was born.

Digital = social, email and content marking in the digital world

Reset = helping reset your business mindset, internally, on how digital marketing can be used in today’s market

Digital Reset is internal marketing training for a business or nonprofit. Our goal is to train one of your staff members, volunteers or interns to manage your own social media, email and content marketing internally through one-on-one training sessions. Let me share how this can add value to your business or nonprofit:

Saves you time and money up front and on the backend.

You will not spend excessive capital on a completely new hire just for marketing. Decrease the stress of having to manage a completely separate entity. You’ll have an empowered and equipped a team member or your full team to handle it.

You will be trained by the best experts in the industry.

1-3 training session per product buy. You will be trained by experts in the industry and they will teach you, one-on-one, at each session. Experts will sit face-to-face with you to answer any questions you may have and steer you in the right direction. Our experts have 10-30 years of experience that will be shared.

You will be able to market yourself with your internal team.

Increase efficiency by making changes quickly with an in-house, trained team member. You will be able to learn the core aspects of digital marketing to use yourself and then share with your team to grow your business from the inside out.


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Marketing training for businesses or nonprofit’s, to equip you to manage your own Social Media, Email and Content Marketing internally. We will train a staff member, volunteer or intern.