5 Ways To Build Those Bridges

No one likes dishonesty, that’s just a fact. It doesn’t really matter in what capacity, but people aren’t surprised when it arises especially in business. It’s best to just not be one of those people and treat your customers as you would like a real friend. Being authentic and transparent with consumers builds trust and loyalty, so to help you build those bridges.

Share Tales Far and Wide

Word of mouth and your customers’ sharing positive experiences with other possible consumers will help build up a positive reputation and increase potential interest. One option is to film customer testimonials, this allows potential leads to gain better insight into what to expect. When people can be clued into the result of something, they feel more comfortable exploring into new options. Relaying testimonials in things like email marketing spreads helps your business build a steady reputation and earn trust amongst consumers.

Have Conversations

Feedback can be an important tool that is at your disposal for building a bridge with clients and when you actively listen, they get the understanding that their voice matters to you. It’s important to be open-minded and be receptive to constructive criticism because that’s one of the main ways to grow. Take time to sit down with other consumers and even maybe competitors to talk about your own business mission. There is always the opportunity to learn something from other people.

Teach Your Consumers

When you are hosting those conversations, make sure that you teach to that other person why you perform the approaches to things like social media, production of your service or project. Similar to our first point, when people know how things happen or work, they are more comfortable interacting or using something. This explanation results in a higher level openness between business and customer, along with the customer’s overall understanding of the purpose of your business.  

Don’t Be Silent, Stand Up

A lot of companies choose to take on a neutral stance on certain issues to avoid distancing target markets and to not give a reason to lower the company value, but in those instances it comes across as if conglomerates care more about money than people’s lives. People value honesty and doing the righteous thing, when you stand up and are part of the conversation, customers will develop a higher, positive opinion of you.

One example of this is when Dick’s Sporting Goods announced they would no longer sell assault-style rifles, high capacity magazines and not sell guns to anyone under the age of 21. This announcement followed a horrible shooting that occurred at a high school and recent calls to action to tackle the topic of gun control. This of course isn’t the first serious shooting to occur recently or the first time that gun control is causing many to raise their voices, but it’s a step closer to a better future. Dick’s recognized there would be some backlash, but made an authentic, personal choice to stand on the side of safety, common sense and to care about the individual instead of another sale.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right, it’s not something that will turn customers off but instead will earn you favor and respect.

Relate & Respect

It’s important to try and relate to your customers, just because you are running a business does not obliterate the fact you are still a consumer yourself or in general- a person. Remembering the basic experience of consuming or the value of another individual is significant. Don’t treat your audience as if their just potential leads to strengthen your business. Always remember to respect and productively communicate to those around you.  

How can I further develop relationships with my customers?

Creative Snacks:

1. Have A Communication Chain

Don’t get lazy and drop the ball on keeping up with your audience. One part of this includes keeping up with producing quality content on your digital platforms and ensuring that your audience remains informed about new developments. So whether that means sending out a newsletter or video, make sure you don’t just assume that people know automatically is happening.

2. Always Strive To Improve

This goes hand in hand with receiving feedback, but always make efforts to improve upon your business. Make sure that your output reflects your brand identity and coincides with your original mission. Things like creating effective graphics for social media, creating test groups or sending out surveys help so you don’t become complacent.

3. Create Incentives

Another great way to build up some consumer loyalty is to create reward or incentive programs. Maybe you provide them with a week of free service or offer a trip to a great restaurant, it’s about creating meaningful, desired experiences. Although, the real incentive should lie in the quality of your product or service that brings people coming back.



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