Five Ways to Create A Healthy Relationship with Customers

Connecting with others can be a hard thing to do and one of the types of relationships that can be the most difficult to establish is the business-customer one. To have a real connection beyond the “What can I do for you today” exchange creates brand loyalty and those people will feel that they are more than just a sale to you. Sure, you can get some new leads and one-time sales, but are you actually doing things to retain those clients? Here are six ways you can deliver some real customer service and build those bridges.

  1. Be On The Same Page

One thing that is important is that everyone on your team understands and delivers the company mission. If your employees or fellow team members aren’t clear about the expectations concerning how to implement company values and the enduring mission, miscommunication can occur. It’s about upholding a specific level of quality of service and aiming to never drop that ball.

  1. Provide Comprehensive Training

Now while this may come across as an obvious thing, but people don’t always provide clear instruction concerning the best approaches to take when interacting with customers and applying the company’s values. You want the people who work with or under you to be fully equipped with the right tools to properly assist clients. Being unprepared reflects badly upon the company and can hinder your reputation amongst consumers.

  1.  In One Ear and Not Out The Other

Possessing the ability to be an active listener is a critical thing that everyone should learn how to do. By being an active listener does not mean you are listening to reply, but to rather understand. You need to really engage with your customers about their needs and hear them feedback, whether that’s in person or in the digital space. There is a lot of value in your customer’s opinion and brand loyalty that can be the result of taking in other’s input. The phrase “The customer is always right” can be fitting in certain situations.

  1. Everybody Can Wear The Pants

While training employees to develop relationships with customers and do their roles well, one efficient thing you should do is implement the idea that no one job is too big or too small for somebody to do. This maximizes the chances of your customers to be fully assisted by yourself or one of your fellow teammates. People will stay within their specific job corners and if they don’t want to do something, might say “Well, that’s not part of my responsibilities.” When you intertwine the idea that everyone needs to do their part and being complacent isn’t an option, people will take that initiative and fill in the occasional gaps.

  1.  Two Minds Are Better Than One

When a problem or issue arises within the customer service facet, don’t just leave it to a single person to find a solution. It’s a good idea to bring people together from different departments to work together to solve an issue. It helps improve team communication, interpersonal skills, and help your teammates or employees develop a higher creative insight. Creating opportunities for teamwork and collaboration is a helpful tool to improve your all around business.

What things can I do to further help my customers

Creative Snacks:

1. Have Team Talks

Take the time to have team talks with the whole staff or within departments to keep everybody on track and have healthy communication. These meetings are a good time to hear concerns, developments and have your staff feel that their voices are being heard. This in turn will help your customers because everybody who helped will be by an informed team of employees.

2. Ask For Suggestions

Whether that’s in an online form, in conversation or with a comment box, as we said earlier people like to be heard. We aren’t talking about doing a full overhaul of your business every time someone makes a suggestion, but the substantial suggestions can make a positive impact.

3. Think About The Experience

Another thing that’s important to think about is how your customer’s experience is from their point of view. Think about ways that you could improve upon for how you interact with people interested in your service or products. Maybe extend hours for customer support, whether in person or on the phone, provide an occasional discount or hold more engaging events within your business location.



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