Six Ways To Engage Your Audience That Aren't Overly Aggressive

Don’t Get In Your Audiences’ Face

Our last blog focused on the development and creative inspiration for your projects for this year, but now we wanted to talk about ways to connect with your audience that won’t irritate them.

There is nothing that is more annoying when you are online than constantly being bombarded with those pop-up or sidebar ads on nearly every site you visit. These days, a lot of people will install ad-blocking software to avoid that type of marketing, even if it’s an ad from a company they admire. You can easily apply that mantra, which you are told while growing up; “Treat others, the way you want to be treated.” When you go online, what methods frustrate you that companies do to reach you?

It’s important to not forget about the customer mindset and take that into account when placing your digital ads. So here are six approachable strategies that Forbes suggested in their article “14 Non-Intrusive Marketing Strategies To Beat The Ad Blocker Trend”, which we feel are the most beneficial.

  1. Behavior-Based Ads

Use your customer analytics and be logical about when individuals might actually be open to seeing and be ready to receive them. People do not want to confront with them in the midst of online shopping or while trying to a significant article. Making an ad that isn’t distracting or aggressive is a basic principle that should always be taken into account when creating a campaign or just a simple ad. In order to make consumers into customers, you need to think like one.

  1. Valuable, Click Worthy Content

If you are going to get post engagement from consumers, make it worth their while. No one enjoys their time being wasted, so make sure the content that you are contributing is significant and substantial. For example, make a video about an upcoming event, a special announcement or write an article about significant trends in your industry that others should take note of. You should produce original content that will offer something that’s unique and insightful, you make think that all the ideas have been done before, but it’s How you approach them over what you decided to cover.

  1. Use Engaging Videos

As we said recently, using video for creative content is a big trend for this year and is something to definitely implement in your campaign. Making 2-5 minute videos is about as long as the average person’s attention span, so your videos should be entertaining and informative. Make sure that you work with someone who understands the ways of video editing and your point of view.

  1. The Ol’ Inbound Marketing Approach

This is the type of approach is a good foundation to go off of and really is about honing in on quality content to connect with consumers. Be realistic and practical about what material you think will really resonate with your target market, don’t aim to just put out content for the sake of it. Your content is related and meaningful to your business mission.

  1. Influencer Marketing

A growing trend is to use influencer marketing to widen your base and this approach can attract a whole new market for your business if done right. An Influencer can be a public figure, somebody in entertainment, a big wig in your town or a content creator on Youtube, just someone who you feel aligns with your business and values your product or service. This is just like any business collaboration and brings you more awareness, along with a hopeful, honest review. Influencers always have a great, brand loyalty and consistent following.

  1. Authenticity

The last method that we would suggest would be to always maintain a consistent level of authenticity in everything you do. If you are just copying what everyone is doing, then you aren’t being original and people get tired of the same old thing time after time. Take the time to think outside the box and see what fresh perspective you can offer to your customers.

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Creative Snacks:

1. Organization is a tried and true tool

We’ve mentioned in prior blogs how organization is a cornerstone of success in business, but especially within the digital space. If you don’t have a plan, you are going to lose your direction and end up with some real disheveled accounts. It’s important to be able to be reliable for your audience. Using apps such as Google Calendar to plan your content out, will help you be less stressed out and have the clear mind needed to produce creative, substantial material.

2. Be Engaging, Don’t just produce a bunch of aimless content

You know when you get those pamphlets from the doctor’s office or random flyers for events that don’t apply to you? You usually just end up throwing them away in a trash can because it’s just more generic, unappealing information and that’s exactly what your audience will do too, if you provide them with superficial content. Make sure you have your material reflect your band identity in an original manner, do things like create an engaging video series or have guest bloggers once a month. It’s always important to think outside the box.

3. Work With Your Team

Two minds are always better than one. It might be an overused phrase, but it’s one that is always applicable. Having weekly or biweekly team meetings to toss around and develop ideas will produce dynamic results and improve company communication. Everyone has something special to offer and an unique perspective to contribute, so work alongside your team- not against them.



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