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Being able to work with different types of people on a team is a generally necessary ability, but being able to add some real value to said team is another thing. What are you contributions are you actually giving toward the success of an agency or project? Sure you have a specific set of knowledge on SEO or email marketing, but it’s important to be able to figure out how to further implement those skills. We’ve compiled a list of four ways that you can really contribute and make a difference in your agency.

Ask To Do More

It never hurts to ask what you can do beyond your basic responsibilities and to go that extra mile. It displays dedication and commitment to something more than just doing your minimum in order to get a paycheck. By taking initiative and examining what else could be done, it strengthens your reputation as a go-getter and shows that you possess legitimate leadership skills.

Don’t become a pester and ask every five seconds about what needs to be done, but every now and then it doesn’t hurt to lend a helping hand.

Learn Desired Skills

Another thing that can add real value to a team is when you have additional skills that may benefit the quality of a campaign or project such as Adobe Suite or Google Analytics. While some may require more of an investment on the time front, it’s worthwhile to put in that work. You may have an advantage over another team and are able to offer something that others can’t. This is just another method of going above and beyond for your position.

It doesn’t only benefit you in your current position, but in the end will only help your chances of gaining opportunities in the future.

Be Accountable & Reliable

While this may appear as an obvious thing to do, people don’t always enjoy owning up to mistakes or voicing their ideas in fear of judgement. Your team needs to know that they can count on you in all manners and that you aren’t a hindrance to the project. It’s all around a good idea to show up for others and make real contributions.

Give An Opinion & Be An Active Listener

By this, we don’t just mean any opinion. You should provide productive opinions that are going to help shape the direction of the project and not just unnecessarily judge other people’s ideas. Being open-minded and an effective content creator is going to help generate great results.

Then the second part of this point is becoming an active listener. A lot of people think that being a good listener means just knowing the right thing to say, but really it means being receptive to the other person and understanding what they are really expressing. People always like to feel heard and that is different then just listening to somebody else.

What further qualities make a great team member?

Creative Snacks:

1. Creative Thinking

There’s no point in trying to recreate the wheel, so try thinking outside-the-box and offering up alternative ideas. Having brainstorming sessions or doing something like drawing can spur on new ideas. You have to think about what is going to engage that client’s audience and not what you only think they might react to.

2. Respectfulness

This is something that you are learned to be starting from when you are in Kindergarten, but as you grow up-sometimes people lose track of what that actually means. The golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated is something that isn’t exclusive to the non-business world. How you interact and treat others reflects on your reputation and character, so don’t forget that kindness and consideration go a long way.

3. Resourcefulness

Another great quality to possess is to be resourceful and be able to offer original solutions to
possible problems. Doing research concerning various media outlets, publications or helpful campaign tools can be very beneficial to develop a working knowledge about promotion and marketing techniques. So make the effort to compile a promotional database or even a simple lists of digital platforms that would be good references to have.



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