How Are Your Digital Marketing Goals Going So Far?

Revisiting Your Goals

Now the process of setting specific goals is the easy part, but reaching those milestones can be tough at times. It’s important to look back on your progress so far and determine if you have reached a point that matches up with your expectations. Have you made subgoals to hit within your timeline or do you feel like you are aimlessly wandering through and falling back on your old methods? Whether you are trying to make progress at strengthening your social media audience, getting a handle on your data or trying out a new marketing trend, you might just need to take a step back to gain some inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of examples that we’ve seen companies do recently that will hopefully propel you to keep on track with your creative goals.

Thinking Outside The Box

This is a statement that is often said when it comes to creating content in order to stand out, but people don’t always know how far out, is the right amount. One great example of this put into action is the new Tide ad that they aired during the recent Super Bowl.

This commercial about how clean Tide’s products make your clothes is the consistent, subtle message, but what makes this video special is that it is satire of the class industry commercial frames that all the companies follow. David Harbour (of Netflix’s Stranger Things) breaks out of the usual TV ad dialogue and reminds you of the true purpose of the commercial. At the end of each different scenario, they link it back to Tide and fool you into thinking it’s for another company like for shaving cream or a type of soda. The humorous performance by Harbour offers something refreshing that isn’t usually delivered in commercials and catches your attention.

Tide took the observation that all brands pretty much offer up a standard ad model and spun it on it’s head. It was a minimalistic idea that the company was clever and innovated.

Customizing To The Target Market

When you have a product or service that appeals to a wide net of people, it can be difficult to pinpoint the specific narratives for content. This ad that Pepsi produced illustrates a insightful way to reach a large, diverse audience, which they did so through speaking about transcending generations concerning public figures, family and historical moments.

Pepsi made the point that with a timeless product, such as their soda, can be used for any occasion with anyone-no matter what the context. Their add also connects people of every generation by featuring a 90’s model, the infamous moon landing and future journey to Mars, The iconic Back To The Future film, Nascar, musical icons such as Michael Jackson and more.

Use Something That’s Trending In Pop Culture

We’ve said before that it’s beneficial to intertwine something trending in pop culture into your content. Another company that did just that was when Lexus connected Marvel’s Black Panther into their ad for the Lexus LS 500 F Sport. Superheros have been used in marketing for a long time because of the positive ideals they represent to a lot of people, so it’s not the most original idea, but always works well.

Black Panther is a particularly special film because there has been so much hype behind this dynamic character and was very well received by critics, along with the general public for its story and fully formed characters. So don’t be afraid to loop in things from film, television, fashion, etc.

What else to do if I am still be stuck?

Creative Snacks:

1. Resources to utilize such as Adobe Suite

Using tools like this, will you to expand your creativity and experiment with various types of designs that will fit your brand.

2. Look to A Marketing Professional

It’s always alright to ask for help, when you feel like you are in over your head. They are experts in this type of area and have gained experience in connecting with different types of people and the multiple approaches to develop engaging content for the digital space.

3. Do Your Research

There are people who say that once you are an adult, there’s no more homework or learning to be done- well, those people are definitely wrong. In order to be prepared, you have to have a certain level of knowledge. Go online and do your research on what campaigns and trends are popular at the moment, learn about what approaches are really resonating with people.



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