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Your website is basically just a digital version of the physical thing and has a crucial role in your business plan, but it’s also space, where you should start developing a community that can connect with one another as well as with you. When you provide a platform for people to engage about your products or service with one another or yourself, you are creating meaningful connections. Having a substantial online audience enhances the awareness of your name, reputation and furthers the possibilities concerning business partnerships. Your online community is like a growing plant, you have to nurture it and help it flourish, so here are four ways to do just that.

  1. Ask And Answer: Now this may seem like an obvious thing you would do, but it’s important to frequently keep up with questions from everyone visiting your site and not forget to be attentive. People like to know that they’re worth your time, so even if you’ve responded a bunch of times to the same question- you should do it again. It helps foster that customer loyalty and makes them feel supported. Promoting dialogue illustrates that you want constructive feedback and want to make strides for improvement.
  2.   Utilize SEO: Another way to grow your audience is by honing in on the core keywords that encompass your business in order to further reach consumers. You will appear on a variety of search results and this is one approach that is definitely worth the investment. Another thing about having those target words, is then you can customize the content to what might draw more attention or appear in related searches.
  3.  The Simple Experience: Really examine your interface and assess if it is the most efficient your customer,  not just for you. No one wants to jump through hoops to get some simple information or to find your contact form. Using a website shouldn’t cause hassle or an anxious feeling, but instead hopefully be a breeze. Limit the number of distractions the layout may possess and one great suggestion is to implement a user survey, which will provide targeted feedback.
  4.      Focus on The Members: Put your members first and foremost concerning your website. Besides maintaining your brand identity across your platforms, elevating your website is about building your community. That occurs in a lot of ways, but you need to intertwine the real world with the digital one. Create opportunities to develop more meaningful connections with clients, whether that’s holding a meet and greet a panel, or a cool, promotional event. Don’t underestimate those relationships and how significant a customer’s input can impact you.

What do I do if I’m not really seeing results?

Creative Snacks:

1. Reassess

Really think about reasons as to why your website may not be flourishing, but also remember success is never an overnight thing. To really develop that online community, it’s going to take more than a couple months, which is an important thing to always remember and just keep striving for those digital goals. Examine your website and user feedback to make improvements, whether big or small.

2. Ask A Professional

The next step is you really are doing all those things, would be to go work with a creative agency or someone who has a thorough understanding about branding and social media to give you another perspective at the situation. There is never everything wrong with asking for help or looking to someone who is more knowledgeable than you.

3. Keep With up The Times

One last tip would be to make sure you are keeping up to date on different substantial media trends because not all of them are baseless and one of those trends could actually help you in the long run. Sure there are fads that come and go, but it’s important to stay current with what is resonating with people. Figure out how to use those trends to your advantage and further make authentic, promotional efforts.



Meredith Is The Content Strategy Specialist For Weigel Creative Group

I always looked for ways to express things people in manners that were anything, but generic and jading. Developing a connection with readers is a lot easier, then people think- it’s just about being honest with adding a creative angle. Content creation and strategy are some of her favorite areas within communications and are what she works to translate information to in whatever form. “It’s all about telling a good narrative, no matter the medium or platform. There is always a way to create engaging, dynamic content to connect with people over”

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