Value & ROI

How an agency or company chooses to select clients or take on specific projects varies from place to place, but at the end of the day the two biggest factors that can largely come into play are the value that will result and what the possible return on investment will culminate to. These two factors are not one in the same though. While return on investment resides under the monetary umbrella, the connotation of value is more of a subjective thing and isn’t necessarily restricted to the financial sphere. People decide something’s value in different ways and that can determine how much effort they put forth in terms of protecting, caring about or developing a dynamic with someone or a project.

You can break value down into two different categories, one qualitative and the other quantitative. In terms of qualitative, you assign value to somebody like a possible friend or business partner when you label them as approachable, reliable, honest, etc. You can find something to be value as well if it holds some sort of nostalgia or emotional trigger for you.

Then on the other side is quantitative, you can find out the value of a possible project by analyzing the costs of the individual parts and determine if it will positively benefit the company in the long run. At times even if the quantitative value isn’t the most optimal, the qualitative value can outweigh the latter and push you to go through with a new project or business relationship.

When it comes to return on investment, that can be defined as “the amount of profit, before tax and after depreciation, from an investment made, usually expressed as a percentage of the original total cost invested” In other words does the end justify the means. Does excellent publicity attention, a difficult business partnership or venturing over budget mean that it’s worth dealing with if it results in a profitable financial result? This is a question that can impact your decision to go ahead with something. It’s important to make sure that the products, services and other aspects of your business that you work on aren’t just about quality and authenticity, but are also going to result in a healthy return.

What some other things I can do to increase my ROI?

Creative Snacks:

1. Think strategically, don’t break your bank.

Compared to other marketing efforts, it often doesn’t take much energy or money to create new content for your brand. Compared to a average ad campaign, you won’t have to pay a ridiculous amount for advertising. You can spend an hour on a new landing page or make a new video on your own digital accounts.

2. Make your content aid numerous goals.

Content marketing can be used for a lot of different reasons like to improve your brand’s relationships with consumers or to attract new traffic to your website. Make sure your content is engaging and really resonate with your audience and adds quality to your digital presence.

3. Recycle your content.

There is always more that can be elaborated on from a video or a past post. Review some of your past pieces and maybe pick a topic that is more broad, then write up a follow up blog post attacking the question you asked from a new angle.



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I always looked for ways to express things people in manners that were anything, but generic and jading. Developing a connection with readers is a lot easier, then people think- it’s just about being honest with adding a creative angle. Content creation and strategy are some of her favorite areas within communications and are what she works to translate information to in whatever form. “It’s all about telling a good narrative, no matter the medium or platform. There is always a way to create engaging, dynamic content to connect with people over”

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