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Nobody gets ahead or climbs the ladder to success on their own, there is always an occasion where turning to somebody who knows more than you is necessary or desired. Enlisting the help of a creative agency can end up great, but it’s important to choose the right one because otherwise you are wasting your time, along with your money. It’s also good to recognize that it’s no agency’s purpose or ability to give you overnight success, but only to help amplify your awareness and arm you with the tools to strengthen your audience base. You can’t solely rely on a creative agency to build your business, you have to put in the required effort to grow your product or service.


That being said, we’ve compiled a list of things that you should consider when deciding to work with a creative agency.

Know Your Needs And Wants

Before reaching out to a creative agency with a project, take a moment to sit down and make a list of all the things that need improvement concerning your digital profile and in another column what you want to happen if you bring on someone to consult. It’s never really a good idea to go in blind to any situation, but especially a business one. By also creating this list, you can take a real look at what it’d be worth to make a budget for over what can probably wait.

Do Your Research

It’s not the best idea to just hire the first agency that comes up in the search results. Do your indepth research about various agencies and examine things such as size of agency and current roster of clients, but most importantly, the quality and originality of their previous work. Look at how the client of that project has grown from that experience working with that agency and the methods they used, such as social media ads or their social media strategy.  

Be aware of your budget

This is a crucial element that you need to have because you don’t want to overestimate how much your money will be able to get you. Contact your list of creative agencies to not get quotes for the level of work you are interested in, but also to get a solid understanding about what services that price actually entails. You don’t want to mislead an agency or yourself about the extent of possible collaboration. It’s best to spend your budget on things that you need compared to wants and pursue the most effective content avenue for a project. Be transparent about expectations

Clearly lay out your vision behind your business and the framework of a campaign or project that you are bringing somebody on for. Talking about things like communication, quality of work, desired results and where responsibilities lie are good to lay out amongst all involved parties. Don’t beat around the bush or undersell what your aspirations are for project, being dishonest is just an inconvenience and disservice to all involved. You should be realistic with that agency about other things such as your spending limit and goal aesthetic.

Communicate Effectively

The main issue in any type of relationship or collaboration is miscommunication and the aftermath that usually ensues. It is is key to be an active listener, be thoughtful, considerate and convey comprehensive ideas. Don’t make the ignorant and lazy assumption that your partner can read your mind because that’s never a good way to operate. When you discuss things transparently and elaborate on things, miscommunication can be avoided. So making efforts to fully communicate shouldn’t be an afterthought or something that’s put on the back burner.

What’s the takeaway from working with a creative agency?

Creative Snacks:

1. Organization Matters

One thing that is helpful is to recognize is that being organized in all aspects of business, but especially in content creation and campaign planning. You’ll get an understanding about the productive ways to be organized whether that’s using an app such as Slack or Google Calendar can really make all the difference.

2. Try A Different Approach

A fact that will always be true is that people are stubborn and prefer to things their own way, but the saying “Two minds are better than one” will always be true too. Being open-minded and receptive to others’ ideas and criticism is how you grow not just your business, but yourself as well. Bring in contrasting opinions and going with an alternative method can result in results you might not expect. Holding thinks like brainstorm sessions can produce in great creative ideas.

3. Instruction & Inspiration

Another great thing that comes out of working with an agency is that you get insight into how to properly execute some marketing and promotional techniques, along with getting tips about how to strengthen your social account following. Also through seeing the results from your own project and others, you can get inspired to be creative after you finish the project with the agency. If you make things like a Pinterest board of promotional material, graphic design, fonts, etc., you will able to branch out of your usual zone.



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